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Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro home planetarium

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What's In The Box

  • 1 - Star Theater Pro projector unit
  • 1 - Star Theater Pro base
  • 1 - Mini USB cable
  • 1 - Lens cover
  • 2 - Image Discs
  • Instruction manual

Projector Turns Your Home into a Planetarium

The Star Theater Pro optical star projection system is a sleek, spherical projector that transforms any wall or ceiling into a starry night sky. The main projection unit is a modern-looking, plastic sphere that sits on a simple base, which swivels the projector easily and securely into any position. Once the projector is in position, the projection can be viewed as a still image or as a slowly rotating view of the night sky by selecting the rotate option on the main control panel.

Versatile Projector Works Almost Anywhere

The small size and sleek shape of the projector make it easy to place in a bedroom or living room unobtrusively. Set up the projector in your living room as an entertaining way to learn about the solar system and distant galaxies, or use it to drift off to sleep in your bedroom by setting the shut-off timer.

Amazing Images with Included Discs

The Star Theater Pro is easy to set up and comes with two image discs, a Starfield disc and an Earth/Moon/Sun disc. The focus dial located on the top of the projector around the optical lens can then be used to make sure the galactic image is sharp and crystal clear.

Easy to Use

These discs easily fit into the disc tray located on the front of the projector. Once inserted, the spherical projector can be turned to face any flat wall or ceiling surface.

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