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'Galaxies' disc for Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro home planetarium

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  • Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro home planetarium
  • Nashika NA-300 home planetarium


On the disc imaged high resolution photos of following galaxies:

  • Centaurus A (NGC 5128)
  • Spiral galaxy (NGC 1365)
  • Andromeda Galaxy (NGC 224)
  • ROSE OF GALAXIES (UGC 1810, UGC 1813)
  • Hoag's Object (PGC 54559)
  • Messier 104, widely known as the "Sombrero"
  • Messier 83

Designed by Kweller

This disc is a product developed by Kweller company which was made especially for such planetariums as Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro and Nashika NA-300.


Please note that we sell 2 kinds of discs. If your planetarium is Segatoys Homestar Pro 2 / Classic / Original / Earth Theater, you should choose another disc here:


Frequently asked question

Why does it not display the entire picture?
Answer: It is OK that the picture is not displayed entirely. During rotation of the disc different parts of the picture are displayed.

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