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'Solar system' disc for Homestar planetarium

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  • Segatoys Homestar Classic
  • Segatoys Homestar Original
  • Segatoys Homestar Star Theatre
  • Segatoys Homestar Earth Theater
  • Segatoys Homestar Pro / Pro 2
  • Imaginarium Star Theatre


The disc displays the Solar system model. The planet proportions are observed separately for the terrestrial planets - Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth and separately for gas giants - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto is also seen. The Sun proportions as well as the distance from it to the planets are considerably reduced. It is done to be able to see each object in detail.

The images of all planets and the Sun are pictures made by telescopes and NASA spacecraft. The picture of the Sun is made with special optical light filters.

Designed by Kweller

This disc is a product developed by Kweller company.


Please note that we sell 2 kinds of discs. If your planetarium is Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro / Nashika NA-300, you should choose another disc here:


Frequently asked question

Why does it not display the entire picture?
Answer: It is OK that the picture is not displayed entirely. During rotation of the disc different parts of the picture are displayed.

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